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Peter Lifari, Exec. Director- Interview on KUVO: Innovative Affordable Housing Solutions

Peter Lifari, Executive Director of Unison Housing Partners and Paola Diaz, Adams County Poverty Reduction Specialist sat down with Adam Morgan, host of KUVO to discuss how to keep housing affordable and prevent unnecessary homelessness in Adams County, CO through now in the implementation phase – ‘ Adams County Balanced Housing Plan’.

Serving the population of the second fastest growing county in Colorado, Unison Housing Partners is geared up to put this plan into action. While the range of housing needs is both in high and low income levels, the focus of this plan is primarily housing low income Adams County residents who need access to services, mobility and transportation. The pressure on availability and affordability of homes and meeting the demands of people of all income levels and in their different stages of lives is the challenge.

Being innovative in implementing solutions that are Adams County specific and investing in people and local enterprises is the right way to welcome growth, says Peter Lifari.

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